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SP Manufacturas has two powder coating systems (continuous painting lines):

Line 1: one of the most important systems in northern Mexico available for manufacturing. This system is capable of painting large dimension objects (up to 70” x 50”)

  • The conveyor has a total length of 1100 ft (335 m) and objects travel at a speed up to 18 ft/min (5.5 m/min).

  • 7 step zinc phosphate pre-treatment process, curing and drying ovens, 2 painting booths with automatic reciprocators

  • 1,000+ Salt spray hours


Line 2: system we acquired in 2007, used mostly for small objects (40” x 30”)

  • The conveyor has a total length of 393 ft (120 m)

  • Continuous line based on a 5 step iron phosphatizing pre-treatment process, curing and drying ovens, and a painting booth with automatic reciprocators

  • 500+ Salt spray hours


We constantly increase our inventory of presses (including uncoilers, feeders and levelers), folding machines, and guillotine shearing machines. We have +20 transfer and progressive die presses in  range of 20 to 300 tons with up to 72” x 72” beds.


SP Manufacturas has a tool room for production and maintenance of stamping dies.


Our current installed capacity is up to 17.7 million hits on one shift per year


Screen printing is one of our unique selling propositions. We have a history of adding value to our customers by substituting some of their more expensive processes (e.g. labels, name plates, and overlays) with screen printing and embossing.

Our assets include curing, UV and high temperature ovens (infrared and electric). We also have other critical equipment such as exposure units, Tri-Light 6k, screen printing presses, ATMA Mod AT800 / TY700, auto-adjustable metal frames, etc.


The serigraphy printing capability works on metals and semi flat substrates like polycarbonate.



SP Manufacturas began the Spot Welding Process in 2015 using a two stage MLS System to join two bracket front rollers and a flange front rail liner to a rail deck front . Since then, SP has expanded this capability with more single spot weldings required to assembling cabinets, brackets, consoles, etc


We have a growing inventory of assembly equipment and a specialized and qualified workforce. Our current assembly includes the addition of adhesives, manual assembly, welding and other finishing touches.


Furthermore, we have great experience managing the logistics of material reception from a large base of suppliers to assemble a finished good.


Our roll forming capability resides on 4 machines which support different size trims.


The current installed capacity exceeds 6 million parts per year on a single shift and is formed by 2 machines of 11 stations and another 2 with 24. This gives us flexibility to adapt to different geometries.


We usually decorate these trims with screen printing and therefore generate the most value to our clients with the component


Over the years we have grown the range of services we offer by acquiring milling machines, guillotines, punchers, roll formers, and other productive equipment.

In addition, our metrology laboratory performs in-depth tests, including impact, abrasiveness, adherence, thickness, and cross hatch. Our team also performs visual and dimensional inspections and colorimetry.

Metrology Lab capabilities and equipment:

- Visual and Dimensional Inspection

- Colorimetry (CIELAB metrics)

- Adherence tests

- Thickness Test (ASTM E 376)

- Cross Hatch test (ASTM D-3359)

- Abrasive Test (Taber Abraser test)

- Impact Test

- Edges and Burrs Measurement (UL 1439)(WRT D30-1)

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